I Think I’m on to…..

Notebook and pen on the keyboard

When researching didn’t seem like it could get any harder than that time you sat staring at your computer in preparation for that 22 page paper. Well, for me, it just did. In most cases, I do feel like I am “on to something”,giphy-2

but in others I feel like I have no idea what I am doing or what I am supposed to be tailoring my research toward to get the sort of research I need. My thesis is tackling so many different topics from race and gender to new media tools and electronic literature. When I say that out loud, it seems easy enough and everything in the world aligns for 2.5 seconds, but then comes the seemingly barren databases that touches on anything else in the world except for what I need it to.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. That’s a possibility.

I met with Craig Anderson yesterday; he is a librarian here at Kean. My professor/independent study advisor suggested that I go to him specifically. I had a connection through a writing center colleague, and she helped me meet with him. I did gain some useful tips for navigating the database, and it may help me to touch down on some more sources centered around the aforementioned topics, but even after explaining what I was doing, he couldn’t even see anything that would especially be useful. Since I got to sit with him through a connection, I am going to try making the appointment, but if I can recall, one of my classmates said (a week or so ago) that the earliest availability the librarians had was today, so I guess I wouldn’t have gotten an appointment earlier than today. Anywho, I am so grateful for Craig’s time, though, and I am counting on his tips (on navigating the databases more specifically than I had learned prior to my graduate school experience) leading me down the right path.

So, where do I go from here? How do I carry on?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for that “end all be all” magical source that incorporates everything that I am looking for in one place. I do, however, want to touch down on some more resources that I feel I can pull from just a little (no matter how narrowed or broad it is). Even if it is a text that solely inspires me to think about something in a different way, but doesn’t provide me with anything I could cite. I’d be okay with that too.  I hope all of this talk has not led anyone reading this to believe that I don’t currently have any sources at all. That would be awful, and I’d probably be freaking out. Today I will be going through some of what I have so far. There are some sources that I am so excited to get into, and there are others that might take some convincing in order for me to get through the rest of it. Maybe I will get really into those boring and only slightly relevant sources and find something that I never thought possible. I am trying to be more of an optimist like my professor (Professor Levine).


On another note, I got my professor to watch Gilmore Girls, and I think he liked it. I don’t think I could’ve achieved anything much greater than this. I feel like a proud mother.

With all of that being said, I am going to go off and be productive *makes some sort of eerie deceptive facial expression*






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