in and out.

I am kind of stagnant right now and I don’t like it. I feel like I don’t know how to get myself situated again amidst everything that has been going on. It sucks that my time can’t be dedicated to thesis work alone as I still have to adhere to requirements for elective courses. I feel sort of drained and just out of the loop even though this is my own research and creative work. I really need time to breathe, but I also want to vigorously dive into what I need to be doing all of the time.

Taking care of myself during this process is crucial

I know that I am going to get myself back on track; I shouldn’t worry too much because worrying doesn’t do my anxiety any good. However, to me, this is high stakes territory; I never do anything without giving it my all. This thesis literally is all of me. That means something. That means everything.

I am confident.

I am safe.

I am successful.

I am blessed.

I am accomplished.

I am.


2 thoughts on “in and out.

    1. Glad to hear the you are not worried either. I’m unsure at the moment. I absolutely have to get myself back on track, but deadline mode is upon us and that’s never good nor fun. It’s absolutely going to be okay!


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