Per my conversation with my professor, both in class and through other forms of communication, I had expressed the idea of wanting to jump into a myriad of different ways for recording/reflecting on past poems, as well as work that I am currently in the midst of writing. With this idea, my thesis is in this phase where it looks like it could be a comparison and a contrast between the different ways that I work and reflect on past work and current work.

For current work, I plan to collect all that I can in terms of my journals, notes that I jotimg_0905 down on paper or in a notebook, early drafts, drafts that I scrapped, final drafts etc. There is going to be so much more there for the newer poems. What about the older ones, though? I had an idea of maybe doing more audio/visual aids for my older work. I may still have bits of journal jotting, or even early drafts that I can go back to. I will be looking for supplemental items for a couple of my older poems like “Sarah Baartman” and “Escaping Titles” this week.

I am always looking for new ways to use my Canon, so maybe I can record myself talking about the early stages of those poems, how long it took me to write them, where I wrote them. Maybe I can just record my voice talking about these things, and then add visual aids to it… a short video clip of symbolic images fading into and out of each other. There is this one visual that I can’t seem to get out of my head, and it is somewhat like a montage of myself while I am writing. I keep seeing a chopped up video of me going from spot to spot in my room. First, I am on my bed, but I usually end up getting uncomfortable, so I might go to my desk. I just thought it might be interesting to see how I move when I am writing. That could be cool.

Using visual aid as a part of what I am trying to describe brings me back to when my professor introduced his five card flickr story. I wrote a poem called “Behind the Yellow Lines” and made it into a five card flickr story (or video I guess) –> here it is; the poem was the most intense one that I had written in a while. I didn’t know the backstory of some of the images we had to choose from out of his collection, and I ended up writing a poem that included death. I didn’t realize that one of the individuals in one of the pictures had passed away. It moved me to hear that story. I thought about, then, what led to that moment. Why did I go that route? Was it something that I was projecting from my own life, and it just so happened to fit?

1200x630bbI was actually listening to music to try and get my mind pumping with juicy poetic lines and very dominant images. When I put pen to paper, the song had changed to Clouds by Before You Exit, which happened to be a band that one of my favorite youtubers (Christina Grimme) was touring with not too long before she had passed that year. I mourned her death like I would’ve mourned for a best friend. There were so many emotions flying through my head as I wrote that poem, and apparently now too because I just noticed how many deep breaths I just had to take, but even something similar to a flickr story could potentially lend so much to what I am doing.

These are just ideas. Some may not come to fruition, or I might end up doing all of them. Who knows. I’m just poemstorming here, and can’t wait to get some of this material on here. Stay tuned, as there may be some early drafts of new poems coming.



2 thoughts on “poemstorming.

  1. Taking or finding photos to use as perhaps metaphors of what you remember looking back sounds really interesting.

    And thinking about documenting your current, what about setting up your phone to do a time lapse image of you in the room, like a pic every 2 or 5 minutes?

    Also I so remember your video version of Yellow Lines, which is so moving. Actually all the photos in the video are open licensed (and in fact are mine). The boy on the left is me, the friend who is no longer alive was named Mitchell http://5card.cogdogblog.com/show.php?id=40233

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