i’ve never been good at naming things.

So, after a class meeting one night, I starting jotting down every title that I felt fit for my thesis. I went through things like:

Breaking the Manacles: Seeing the You in You

Fightin’ & Fixin’ Waves of _____

… Nice to Meet Me

____Ways of Being

Despite all of these, I have been pretty settled so far on Breaking the Manacles: Finding, Claiming, and Shaping Self. I went with this because I am able to keep the title of the digital poetry project that I started my first semester of graduate school. Further, I was able to add onto that and include something else that spoke to the autoethnographic side of my thesis. The title that I had in that first semester hold so much weight to me. There is history in that title alone, and it would break me to have to do away with it. I wanted to incorporate it in some way. So, I am not sure if the title will stay the same, but that it what it is now.


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