what even is a poet, anyway?


It has been a long while since I have signed on here, but the new semester has started and I am slowly getting myself back into the swing of everything. I am little late with this post, but it’s okay. Coming back into the semester, my seminar group was asked what we had been up to so far, and what was pretty much going on in our wonderful grad school lives. I ended up being sick over my entire Winter break, and that wasn’t so pleasant, but I had some work to get done with one of my professor’s before the semester commenced, so I would get up and plan out my days with what I needed to do; when he evening rolled around, I would make plans of a different place that I could go and study and write. I picked places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and even the public library in my town. Getting out of the house surely helped my productivity after feeling miserable for that long, and basically being on bed rest.
So, I would say I was in a good place at the end of the break, and I was able to write some new poems. I will be sharing one today. The one that I will be sharing is titled “Rosa”. This poem idea was suggested to me after many have read previous work that I have done. Prior to writing this, I had done a lot of research about Rosa Parks, and about a lot of the impact that she had on so many. I like where I was going with it so far; in no way is any of the work that I have done finished, but they are all in stages where a new pair of eyes looking at them would probably help.


Alabama, 1955

Sweet modiste seated

on a Montgomery bus

with windows

exaggerating white light


Your Winter arrest

bore burdens

Justice rocked by the

Mother of Civil Rights


Thank you

for spurning ghost laws

that shook the voices

of your brothers and sisters



As if to say:

this is for the blacks with no top jobs,

the street corner shoe shiners & chauffeurs

As if to say:

this is for the starlight progeny,

the warm water drinkers,

and victims of a vapid education



Your are splendor

in a vile history


You are peace


Moving forward, I am definitely looking to get into more of the various types of reflecting that my professor and I talked about last semester. I had hoped to dive into that during my break, but being sick didn’t help, and I couldn’t do audio reflections because I lost my voice. Oh, the joys of life! However, I wrote down any idea that popped into my head any chance that I got, so hopefully, I am able to bring those ideas to fruition and really start to get my hands dirty with this work. I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge my stress or worrisome nature, but I am still exciting. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed looking at some of the work above. There is more to come, so stay tuned!


One thought on “what even is a poet, anyway?

  1. You get to decide what a poet is, well at least what one poet is.

    I’m excited to read the new poem about Rosa. I had to look up the word “modiste” and it makes a nice loop to the later mention of “shoe shiners & chauffeurs”.

    This week I spoke to Barbara Ganley, who I am pretty sure you remember from our visit with her in the Fall. She is working in a new set of stories and is making an effort to write at least 500 words every day, even if they end up, slashed out, I like the idea that the practice of a daily writing rhythm (Hailey is trying that to). I’m no prescribing it, but whatever you can do to make the routine of writing and reflecting will go far (BTW I’ve arranged a hangout next week with Barbara for the new students, you are all invited to join or drop in).

    Stay well and writing!


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